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Defence Simulations

Offword Defence Simulations was established in 2019 by founders and employees of Offworld Industries. We are based in Vancouver, Canada and specialize in Unreal Engine development. We work with a variety of groups, from governmental military and law enforcement organizations to private sector industry partners.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve combat awareness and reduce casualties by creating realistic training and research experiences:

  • Training simulations, visualized through VR or conventional means
  • High-fidelity vehicle simulations and trainers
  • Large scale, networked, virtual combined arms environment
  • Landscape, terrain, and level design
  • Tailor-made development services for your needs

Do you need something else? Simply contact us. If you have an idea or a problem you need to solve, we can provide solutions.

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Our Workflow

We work closely with our clients to assess their needs, processes, and outline the best course of action. We strive to provide excellent communication, ensuring stakeholders are involved from beginning to end. Our development philosophy is agile with short cycles between iterations.

Technology and tools

We create cutting-edge software, working primarily in Unreal Engine by Epic Games. Unreal Engine is used in AAA game titles and with its high degree of portability and modular code-base, it is quickly becoming an industry standard. Because Unreal Engine and our software platforms and tools are open-source, you will never be left guessing what is happening within your applications. Project-specific hardware and software requirements are not a problem; we have a great deal of experience with third-party hardware and API integrations at all levels.