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Advancing the state of defence simulation with Unreal Engine.

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We are Offworld Defence Simulations, a development studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in leveraging the power of Unreal Engine to create next-generation software systems with a focus on defence applications.

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Image of a tank
Image of a tank

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Our goal is to innovate, move quickly, and disrupt the modelling, simulation, and training space. From using VR to increase the immersiveness of infantry exercises, to facilitating research into unmanned ground vehicle systems, we are pioneering the next generation of simulation technology.

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What we can do for you

Virtual Reality

By using state of the art technology we create VR experiences to provide immersive training simulations for squad combat tactics, weapon training and more. You will get as close to real life situations as possible.

Combined-arms Simulators

Our open-world, multiplayer combined-arms platform facilitates research and training exercises. Use our open-source, cross-platform technology, or extend it using our industry standard tools and APIs.

Terrain Production

Using the latest tools and techniques, we can create terrains or whole operation spaces tailored to your requirements. By using real world data, we can recreate specific geographical areas or design them to fit your needs.

Custom solutions for your needs

If you have an idea or a problem you need to solve, we can help. We believe in custom development in close partnership with our clients and can accommodate a wide range of needs. Our team is ready to help realize your vision.

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